16th Annual Gatekeeper Regulatory Roundup


MARCH 4 - 5, 2020


Presentations from Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Keynote - Tucson Water Turnaround: Crisis to Success, Marie S. Pearthree
Air Quality Panel - Phil McNeely, Maricopa County AQD
Air Quality Panel - Richard Grimaldi, Pima County AQD
Air Quality Panel - Michael Sundblom, Pinal County AQD
Air Quality Panel - Ryan Eberle, Gila River Indian Community AQD
Maricopa County Air Quality Department Rules Updates - Kimberly M. Butler, Maricopa County Air Quality    
ADEQ Air Quality Compliance: Latest on state regulatory permitting, inspections, compliance & enforcement - David Kim, ADEQ    
EPA Memos – What does this mean for my facility? - Eric Melvin, Trinity Consultants
Lessons Learned from the Regional Haze Second Planning Period in Arizona - Hunter Haynie, Trinity Consultants    
ADEQ Air Quality Dust Mitigation Project Update - Craig Pearson, ADEQ    
Energy & Emissions Savings & Potential in Wastewater Treatment Facilities - Ryan Milcarek, Arizona State University
The ADEQ Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP): The first step toward voluntary cleanup & Beneficial Site Reuse - Scott R. Green, ADEQ    
Arizona Public Service - Remediation of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites in Arizona - Judy Heywood, APS    
The Ins & Outs of a TSCA Self-Implemented Cleanup Including PCB Bulk Product Waste - Laura McNamara, HydroGeoLogic, Inc.
Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance Jeopardy - Jenna Bricker & Mario Barrios, ADEQ
Sharps and their Proper Disposal - Michelle Ogburn, ADEQ    
Sustainable Development & the Primary Copper Industry: Past, Present & Future - Krishna Parameswaran, tfgMM Strategic Consulting
Where Will My Water Come from in Five Years? - Impacts of the Recent Colorado River Drought Contingency Plans on Lower Colorado River Basin States - Kirk Craig, Geosyntec Consultants  
In Situ Bioremediation of the Source Zone for Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater: Successes & Challenges - Laurie LaPat-Polasko, Matrix New World Engineering    
SPCC Plan Preparation Lessons Learned - Misti Burkman, CDM Smith    
Methodology & Lessons Learned Conducting In-Situ Bioremediation Using Emulsified Vegetable Oil in Arizona - Tom Titus &
Jeff Rackow, ADEQ    

Managing Sediment in a Partially Urbanized Arid Watershed - Andrew Daus CFM, WEST Consultants, Inc.    
ADEQ Program Updates - Amanda Stone, Chief Policy & Legislative Affairs Officer 

Presentations from Thursday, March 25, 2020

Keynote - Misael Cabrera, ADEQ Director
Your Inspection and You, Tips for a Successful Inspection of a Regulated Facility - Katie Phillips, ADEQ    
Deserts Eleven: Don't Let Flawed Data Heist your Project - David A Gratson, Environmental Standards    
Leveraging Earth Observation Data & Artificial Intelligence to Improve Site Characterization - Jesse King, Galago Powered by Ramboll
An Analysis of Tiered Due Diligence - Kathryn Peacock, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.    
Remedial Investigations & Cleanup Made Simple Using XRF Camera Technologies - Warner Vaughan, Adams and Wendt, Inc. 
WQARF Liability: What Property Owners, Prospective Buyers & Lenders Need to Know - Eric Mannlein, ADEQ    
Recycling Market across Arizona - JB Shaw, ADEQ    
A Systems Approach to By-Product Management - Andy Hoffman, WTS Inc.    
Composting - Anthony Stone, ADEQ
Mock Trial - Snell & Wilmer
Career Development Workshop - Rick Haskins, Health and Safety LLC

Note:  Presentations that were approved for us to post and share are listed above.