About Us

The Environmental Professionals of Arizona (EPAZ), formerly known as the HazWaste Society, was formed in 1986 with the objectives of the environmental study, evaluation and control of hazardous wastes generated in Arizona. The HazWaste Society sponsored very successful conferences and tradeshows throughout the valley to increase public awareness and understanding of the problems related to hazardous materials and waste management.  Proceeds from our events benefit our scholarship fund where EPAZ has awarded over 125K to Arizona students interested in joining our industry.

With the evolution of the environmental industry, in 1997 this professional non-profit organization also evolved and changed its name to Environmental Professionals of Arizona (EPAZ).  In 2014, EPAZ adopted new vision and mission statements aligned with the current needs of EPAZ members. 

Our Vision:  To be Arizona’s leading community of environmental professionals that inspires the exchange of information and ideas and fosters professional development.

Our Mission:  We promote leadership in environmental management through collaboration, education and community outreach.  We cultivate a diverse, connected and engaged membership of environmental professionals. 


  • Encourage and facilitate the exchange of relevant information amongst environmental professionals.
  • Connect and help cultivate Arizona’s current and future environmental professionals through educational outreach, the EPAZ scholarship program and awareness of employment opportunities.
  • To grow the organization and continuously improve our value to our membership.
  • Provide community outreach opportunities for the members to promote environmental stewardship.


Community Service: Committee members seek out projects benefiting our local community which can take advantage of the specific expertise of EPAZ members.

Conference: Committee members plan all aspects of the annual conference.  Tasks include facilities, program, sponsorship, marketing and advertising.  Proceeds from the conference benefit the EPAZ Scholarship Fund.

Hospitality: Committee members coordinate networking events which includes mixers, golf tournaments and other social events that encourage networking between EPAZ members and other organizations.  Proceeds from networking events benefit the EPAZ Scholarship Fund.

Membership: Committee members promote EPAZ to recruit new members and develop benefits to retain existing members.

Programs: Committee members provide continuous knowledge of local, state & federal regulations as they relate to complying with Air Quality, Water Quality, Safety & Emergency Management Programs and Waste Programs.  Committee members plan topics and facility tours for monthly luncheon meetings with the assistance of the Board of Directors and in conjunction with industry, educational institutions, various government agencies and other trade associations.

Scholarship & Educational Outreach: Committee members maintain outreach with educational institutions to promote the EPAZ Scholarship.  Oversees the scholarship application selection process and awards ceremony. Matches up EPAZ Student Members to mentorships and internships with EPAZ Member Companies.

Social Media – Committee members develop messaging to engage our members and to attract new members through our social media platforms.  Works closely with all committees to generate information to support EPAZ events, industry news, newsletter and website content that benefits EPAZ members.

Young Professionals: Committee members provide events and activities to help develop the next generation of environmental professionals in Arizona through collaboration with experienced leaders to foster a culture of environmental stewardship and regulatory awareness.  EPAZ members are a valuable resource to young professionals who are the future of leadership in AZ's environmental management.