Young Professionals

The EPAZ Board has initiated a Young Professionals Committee consisting of members under the age of 35 for the purposes of developing working relationships and cultivating the next generation of environmental leaders in Arizona.

Committee Mission: 

To develop the next generation of environmental professionals in Arizona through collaboration with experienced leaders to foster a culture of environmental stewardship and regulatory awareness.


EPAZ members are a valuable resource to young professionals who are the future of leadership in AZ's environmental management.  YP’s are encouraged to attend monthly technical luncheon meetings as well as monthly evening committee meetings.

Committee Objectives:

  • Develop activities for YP's to become more aware of future career opportunities through mentorship with more seasoned EPAZ members
  • Develop opportunities for YP's to present at EPAZ meetings or annual conference to promote public speaking confidence and share expertise
  • Collaborate with the Community Service committee to volunteer in the community to promote EPAZ and to share expertise
  • Organize fundraising events to support YP networking events and outreach
  • Collaborate and/or plan networking events that appeal to YP's in an effort to build a strong, connected and engaged YP group

Find out when our next meeting or event is and register to attend by visiting the Calendar!

Young Professionals Committee Chairs:


[email protected]

Find us on Instagram @epaz_yp